Greg Abbott shredded by Texas judge for giving Trump his voter fraud 'audit': 'He caved in minutes!'
Greg Abbott and Donald Trump (AFP)

While Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was on television over the weekend, he proclaimed the intentions of his party to host an audit of the 2020 election. It appears that was news to election officials, who had no idea.

DFW's CBS outlet reported Monday that no one seems to know what the next steps are, what the plan will be or when things will move forward.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins attacked Abbott on Monday, saying, "Trump demanded it, he caved in minutes later."

Jenkins noted that he also reached out to the Secretary of State's office, and, "They weren't able to tell us anything as far as what they wanted."

Bruce Sherbet, the Collin County Elections Administrator, also made it clear that they have no idea what's going on.

"Collin County has not been updated on the schedule or processes for the audit yet but we are prepared to assist the state in any way needed," Sherbet said in a statement.

Similarly, Republican Tarrant County judge, Glen Whitley, said that he was shocked he hadn't heard anything about it until Abbott mentioned it on television Sunday.

"The Secretary of State's office just said, we'll get back to you. We're in the middle of the plan. And when you know, when we have more details, we'll get back with you. At the same time, we welcome the opportunity to assist and do whatever we can we feel comfortable with the election," he said.

Former President Donald Trump has been pushing the Texas audit to continue to undermine confidence in the Texas election and justify the voter suppression laws passed.

Arizona's Republican election audit ultimately found that Trump lost the state by 300-plus more votes than originally thought. It's unclear if Texas will similarly show Trump got fewer votes than anticipated in 2020.

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