Neo-Nazis pout that they were run out of small Texas town
Members of the National Socialist Movement (Neo-Nazis) during a 2010 march to the Phoenix Federal building (John Kittelsrud/Flickr)

Some Texas towns are making it clear -- no Nazis.

The Dallas Observer explained that small-town neo-Nazi rallies are popping up in the Dallas area. Such was the case when neo-Nazis arrived to wave flags and "White Lives Matter" signs in Centerville, a town of just 1,000 people.

Local resident Spencer Culton saw the masked white nationalists and started recording on his phone.

"I don't know where these motherf*ckers are from," he said on the video as he walked toward the protesters, "but they need to go home.

One protester said, "We're getting out of y'all's town."

"Hurry up with it," Culton said.

The video shows a man in an NRA t-shirt coming into frame to shake hands with the Nazi. He said he respected their right to protest but they should leave to protect the children.

"Most of us here have kids," he said, "and we don't need that sh*t here in our town."

According to the report, the Nazis have been traveling through Texas to hold dozens of rallies in every town they can.

In an April Fort Worth incident, just three White Lives Matter protesters showed up. They weren't welcomed either with counter-protesters and anti-racists, who outnumbered them, showing up. A later event in Houston was canceled when anti-racists showed up there.

Talk of Nazi behavior has resurfaced in Houston where a group of nurses claims that the requirement that they get a vaccine is somehow like the Nurenberg trials or Nurenberg code.

There's a general concern that Texas is experiencing something similar to the racist rallies they had in 2016 and 2017. One Austin event had a few dozen armed neo-Nazi protesters turned violent when tensions flared.

"It wasn't until this year that White Lives Matter protests started cropping up again in Texas," said the report. "They organize the demonstrations on Telegram, a messaging app where they also share propaganda and conspiracy theories. All around the Dallas area, white nationalists have been putting up flyers, stickers and posters. But they don't stay up for long. Almost as soon as the stickers start popping up around town, anti-fascists swoop in and deface them."

But the Dallas Observer closed by saying that what is most concerning is the degree to which their ideology has been welcomed into Fox News.

"Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently pushed a line of argument not that different from the Great Replacement theory, claiming that Democrats wanted open borders because immigrants would vote for them," said the report.

The piece closed by saying that Texans don't have the power to stop the neo-Nazi ideologies on television, but they have proven they're willing to step in when the Nazis come to town.

Read the full piece at the Dallas Observer.

See the video of Centerville incident below: