'Texas tyranny!' Right-wingers melt down over anti-masker being booted from the Alamo

Right-wingers are melting down after video shared on social media showed a visitor being booted from the Alamo by security for refusing to put on a mask.

"Tyranny at the Alamo," blared a headline from InfoWars, the site run by Texas-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The video shows the man being escorted away from the San Antonio landmark by what appears to be a sheriff's deputy.

"If you have a problem with any of the rules, then make that phone call," says the deputy, who appears to be wearing a "thin blue line" mask.

"Then go see the mayor, go see a liberal mayor somewhere?" the man responds.

"See whoever you want to see," the deputy responds.

"But we're losing our rights," the man says. "You wouldn't agree with me on that? My right to see the Alamo today was just taken away from me because I wouldn't —"

"Go get a mask," the deputy tells the man.

"I don't wear a mask," the man responds.

"I never said you can't (see the Alamo)," the deputy says. "I gave you a choice, and you chose not to (wear a mask). ... Those are your options. Have a nice day."

"God bless Texas!" the man responds, as he walks away out of the plaza.

"I tell you what, you ought to take those cowboy hats off is what you should do," the man tells the deputy and some fellow officers standing near the exit.

"Whatever, have a nice day," the deputy responds.

According to a March news release, the Alamo "requests visitors continue wearing masks while on the grounds, and they will be strongly encouraged to do so by staff and security."

The Texas General Land Office is the custodian of the Alamo, "on behalf of the people of Texas," according to the landmark's website. The Land Office, which contracts with Alamo Trust Inc. to operate the site, is currently overseen by Republican George P. Bush, the son of Jeb Bush.

Watch below.