Text messages reveal Arizona audit worker feared ‘fire-throwing clowns’ would attack – demanded FBI ‘look into this’
Gail Golec. (Facebook profile photo)

A new data dump of more than 22,000 emails, texts, and documents suggests that former President Trump's allies were more involved in the effort to undermine the 2020 election results than previously realized, VICE News reports.

The Arizona Senate recently complied with a court order to hand over their communications with people involved in running the election audit in Arizona. The trove of information revealed that Trump wanted to fund the audit.

It also revealed how the effort attracted a number of conspiracy theorists, one of them being Gail Golec, a realtor from Scottsdale who gave up her job to spend all her time investigating claims the voter fraud.

"Golec believed the recount was under threat and asked Bennet at one point if the National Guard had been requested to protect the site, including 'snipers on the roof.' Golec believed that antifa and Black Lives Matter posed a threat to the recount, and at one point she sent Bennett a picture of a bus with Black Lives Matter written on the side with the caption: 'FYI they are here.' The picture, it turned out, was of a bus belonging to the Toronto Raptors, who were not in Phoenix," VICE reports. "But Golec outdid herself when she contacted [Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett] about the threat from fire-throwing clowns at a carnival that had set up next to the Coliseum."

In her message to Bennett, Golec said the "hiring of clowns as fire throwers is of course deeply concerning. Do not ignore this video. The FBI should look into this. There are no clowns at carnivals."

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