WATCH: Preacher with sign saying ‘women belong in the kitchen’ gets decked by college student

A campus preacher carrying a sign saying "women belong in the kitchen" was assaulted Tuesday by a female student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

"A witness to the incident who captured it on video told the pair were carrying signs saying things to the effect that women "belong in the kitchen, they shouldn't be in college....just really misogynistic stuff,'" reports. "The video shows a female, believed to be a student, striking the man who said he was a preacher and knocking him to the ground. It was then that UAB campus police intervened."

A UAB spokesman told the site: "There was a concerning, very unfortunate altercation on campus yesterday between demonstrators and what appeared to be a student. We cannot comment further at this time, as this is an ongoing investigation."

It's unclear if anyone was injured or arrested.

Watch below.

Witnesses say preacher beaten up on UAB