Meghan McCain doesn't want to talk about ‘nightmare’ Qanon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green
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Conservative Meghan McCain confessed Thursday that she doesn't know what to do with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and said that she is a nightmare for the Republican Party.

The comment came after fellow co-host of "The View," Joy Behar, welcomed Greene's insanity saying that it would only help Democrats.

"Get the straitjacket ready, baby!" said Behar. "Get it ready. Listen, she's going to split the Republican Party. This type is lethal, lethal for the Republican Party, and it's heaven for the Democrats. So, go have at it, darling. Have at it. You want to stalk people on the street? You want to say let's kill Nancy Pelosi? You want to go ahead and do things like that? And Kevin McCarthy says, I''m going to give you a nice talking to.' Well, go right ahead because the Democrats will be in charge forever."

Always prudent former prosecutor Sunny Hostin noted that it is shocking to her that Republicans put her on the Education Committee when Greene is claiming school shootings are "false flags" and that 9/11 was an inside job.

"We all know that QAnon or people that believe in these absurd conspiracy theories like there are pedophile rings run in the base -- out of the basement of pizza shops," she recalled, referring to the PizzaGate conspiracy that resulted in an armed man coming into the family-friendly pizza parlor. "Why would the Republicans put her on the house education committee? She is just a treasure trove of misinformation. I not only think she should be de-platformed in terms of not being able to be on social media disseminating this kind of misinformation, she should probably either resign and certainly not be on a House Education Committee."

Hostin went on to predict that McCarthy's talk with Greene likely won't work.

But it was McCain who confessed "Joy's right" on the right-wing conspiracy Congresswoman. She said that she opposed expulsion, because she was "elected" by her district. In fact, Greene didn't have any opponents. The Democrat in the race quit because he ultimately was moving out of state.

"When Republicans are back in power, the same standards we put as people we view as radical," said McCain equating leftist policies with threats of assassination. "Maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene is in a different situation because she said this, but it did happen before she was in office. She's a crazy person and a nightmare for Republicans to deal with. I cannot fight your point, Joy."

She then went on to excuse away Greene's post on the Education Committee by blaming Democrats for still allowing Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) to serve on the intelligence committee after the FBI told him the woman he was dating seven years ago was probably a Chinese spy. Swalwell immediately cut off ties with her and began working with the FBI to help in the investigation. Republicans, who were in power at the time, didn't bring up Swalwell until Democrats were in control in the House. Swalwell never threatened to execute anyone he works with, unlike Greene.

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