Clarence Thomas backs out of teaching gig at GWU after uproar from students
Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas (Phot oof Thomas vie Shutterstock/REX)

On Wednesday, The Associated Press reported that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is canceling plans to teach a seminar at George Washington University, after outrage and widespread protests from students.

"Thomas, 74, has taught at the private school since 2011," said the report. "He was supposed to lead the seminar with Judge Gregory Maggs of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Maggs once served as a Supreme Court clerk to Thomas."

"Thomas was part of the conservative majority that in late June overturned the Roe v. Wade decision that guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion," said the report. "In the following days, thousands of students signed a petition calling for the school to sever its relationship with Thomas. But university officials refused."

According to the report, Maggs will still teach the course.

In recent weeks, the justices involved in the abortion case have been inundated with protests, including at their houses and in public. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was forced to exit a restaurant through the backdoor as protesters converged on the premises. The restaurant itself then faced protests for angrily condemning the protests, with activists placing thousands of fake reservations to deny them business.

Activist groups like ShutDownDC have even offered cash bounties for sightings of the right-wing justices that allow protesters to converge on them.