'Thoughts and prayers' after NRA's humiliating defeat attempting to dodge responsibility for fraud case
Donald Trump meets with NRA's Wayne LaPierre (AFP)

The NRA lost in court today after attempting to file bankruptcy to escape fraud lawsuits in New York. Attorney General Letitia James tweeted that the "NRA doesn't get to dictate if and where it will answer for its actions...No one is above the law."

"The Court agrees with the NYAG that the NRA is using this bankruptcy case to address a regulatory enforcement problem, not a financial one," the judge announced in court Tuesday.

It drew shock and jubilee from gun regulation activists and those who've argued the NRA is operating without consequence. The gun-lobbying group has been plagued with scandals in the past several years after president Wayne LaPierre was discovered using the group as his own cash cow to fund extravagant shopping trips, vacations and even a week on a yacht, claiming he needed it for security.

Check out the celebration, shock and excitement about the case below: