Tim Scott's MLK Day talk suggests 'two-tier justice system' treats Trump vs. Biden like 'Black folks vs. white folks'
Tim Scott hints at running for president in 2024: 'I want a job when I leave the Senate'

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) on Monday cited Martin Luther King Jr. Day to defend former President Donald Trump's classified document scandal.

During an interview on Fox News, host Dana Perino asked Scott to react to classified documents found at the homes of Trump and President Joe Biden.

Scott argued that the cases should be handled the same despite Trump's stonewalling of the Justice Department.

"The stench of hypocrisy coming from this administration is making the American people sick," Scott said. "I can't imagine this double standard in the justice system being applied on MLK Day, to Black folks vs. white folks. Can you imagine how this administration continues to treat their friends and themselves vs. President Trump or their adversaries?"

"We can't have a two-tiered justice system," he added.

Watch the Fox News video below or at this link.