FBI agent accused of trying to bury Hunter Biden probe resigns: report
FBI agent (AFP)

On Tuesday, CBS News reported that Timothy Thibault, a high-ranking FBI agent accused of bias by Republicans in the Hunter Biden investigation, has resigned.

"Thibault, who worked in the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., had recently been removed from his position as assistant special agent in charge at the FBI's Washington Field Office, which covers all of the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia," reported Andres Triay and Catherine Herridge. "Thibault came under fire earlier this year from Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley who had accused him of 'improper conduct' in the Hunter Biden investigation, alleging that Thibault had tried to close the probe."

"Grassley said in late July that 'highly credible' whistleblowers had approached a senior Senate Republican and alleged a widespread effort within the FBI to downplay or discredit negative information about Hunter Biden. He cited a 2020 FBI intelligence assessment that was 'used by an FBI headquarters team to improperly discredit negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation.' He continued, 'Based on allegations, verified and verifiable derogatory information on Hunter Biden was falsely labeled as disinformation,'" said the report. "In October 2020, one month before the election, 'an avenue of derogatory Hunter Biden reporting was ordered closed' by a senior FBI agent at the bureau's Washington Field office. An earlier letter from Grassley identified the agent as Timothy Thibault."

Officials confirmed that Thibault had resigned and been escorted out of the building; however, the sources "also said that Thibault had reached retirement age, and they added that all of those who retire hand over their badge and gun and are escorted out of the building."

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"Political bias should have no place at the FBI, and the effort to revive the FBI's credibility can't stop with his exit," said Grassley in a statement in response to the news. "We need accountability, which is why Congress must continue investigating and the inspector general must fully investigate as I've requested."

A recent report indicated that the FBI is investigating whether Hunter Biden violated tax laws and illegally purchased a gun during a period when he was ineligible because of substance abuse issues. The case is under investigation by David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, an appointee of former President Donald Trump. President Joe Biden declined to replace Weiss to avoid any appearance of impropriety in the investigation against his son.