'She's a crook': GOP voters line up against indicted Colorado election denier running for secretary of state
Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters speaks in front of the Mesa County Justice Center in Grand Junction on Jan. 13, 2022. (Sharon Sullivan for Colorado Newsline)

According to a report from CNN, Republican voters in Colorado have become increasingly alarmed at the prospect that indicted 2020 presidential election denier and former county clerk Tina Peters could be their party's nominee for Secretary of State.

Peters, who was hit with 10 counts related to election equipment tampering by a grand jury -- and is affiliated with fellow election denier Mike Lindell -- is currently the GOP frontrunner for the job, and that has conservatives very worried.

As CNN's Eric Bradner reports, ".... in the county on Colorado's Western Slope where she is barred by a district judge from performing her election-oversight duties, many voters -- including some unaffiliated voters who typically back Democrats but had voted in this year's Republican primary because of Peters' presence on the ballot -- said they want to stop her."

According to one voter, Daria Kent of Grand Junction, "Yes, there was voter fraud. She caused it."

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As Colorado Newsline previously reported, "Peters had been under investigation over allegedly enabling a security breach in the Mesa County elections system during a “trusted build” process, which involves a secure software update. She routinely spreads baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that Colorado’s entire election system is insecure."

One Republican voter, 65-year-old Tammy Reece, cut right to the chase, telling CNN, "She's a crook and should not be running for secretary of state."

Her husband, Bob Reece, 75, concurred, saying, "The system did have a flaw. And that is, the very person who was supposed to protect it had the passwords to it, and opened it up."

He added, "I mean, it's been well-documented in the local paper about all the things that Peters has been accused of. And as the allegations go through court, it's going to be a continuum of decisions. ... I was shocked that she was running for any public office. You lose your job here, and you want the one above it?"

The CNN report adds, "Peters and her top deputy were indicted in March after an investigation by local authorities into a security breach that resulted in confidential voting machine logins, and forensic images of their hard drives, being published in a QAnon-affiliated Telegram channel in early August 2021. In May, after a lawsuit brought by Griswold, a district judge stripped Peters of her duties overseeing this year's elections in Mesa County."

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