Republican official learns the hard way not to travel to Las Vegas while under indictment
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Right-wing county clerk Tina Peters was indicted on 10 criminal charges, but she's not in jail yet. So, Peters thought she could flee to Las Vegas without notifying the court, the Colorado Sun reported Thursday.

Peters' indictment comes from her efforts trying to break into voting machines in Mesa County, Colorado after the 2020 election when former President Donald Trump lost the state and she tried to prove the conspiracy theory that the election was stolen through fraud. Trump and his allies have spent the past two years spreading the conspiracy theories despite evidence to the contrary.

Seven of the charges Peters faces are felonies, though she continues to maintain her innocence and even ran for office to be Colorado Secretary of State, but she lost in the GOP primary to someone who believes Trump lost.

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While Peters was allowed to travel outside of Colorado to visit Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago while running for office, her campaign is now over. Most defendants on bond must inform the court before any out-of-state travel. District Court Judge Matthew David Barrett agreed with prosecutors and banned Peters from traveling without permission.

Still, Peters ignored it, heading to Vegas for a convention for the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

A warrant has now been issued for her arrest and she'll be jailed until the next hearing.

Read the full report at the Colorado Sun.