Trump-loving city councilor who refused to wear a mask abruptly quits because of media 'attacks'
Screen cap / YouTube

A Trump-loving member of the Huntington Beach City Council in California this week abruptly resigned while citing unspecified "attacks" on his family as justification.

SFGate reports that former mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz resigned on Tuesday night by telling his fellow councilors that "this job isn't working for me."

Ortiz also said that he was "sorry to let down many of my supportive constituents and I pray they'll understand."

Ortiz frequently battled with his fellow councilors over being asked to wear a face mask for in-person meetings, event during a time when the novel coronavirus pandemics was killing thousands of Americans every day.

He also embraced a wide range of conspiracy theories during his tenure in office, and SFGate notes that he's even gone so far as to express support for the "Great Reset" theory that states "the COVID pandemic was planned by world leaders in order to expand their powers."