Indiana Republicans express 'sense of betrayal' over GOP senator's vote in favor of same-sex marriage protections
U.S. Senate

A group of Indiana Republicans censured Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) for voting in favor of a bill codifying same-sex marriage into federal law.

The Cass County Republican Party sent a censure letter Thursday to the GOP senator expressing a "sense of betrayal" for his vote in favor of the Respect for Marriage Act, which passed the U.S. Senate with 12 Republican votes, reported the Washington Examiner.

“Your decision elicited feelings of anger, disbelief and even a sense of betrayal,” the GOP group wrote in its censure letter. “We are not just fiscal conservatives, but social conservatives as well. Your opinion piece in the Indianapolis Star on November 30 only confirmed our concerns that you have departed from the deeply held views of the vast majority of your fellow Hoosiers.”

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Young has expressed support for the bill in the past, which sparked backlash from Republicans in his state, and the bill now moves to President Joe Biden's desk after passing the House.

“It does not bring pleasure nor eagerness to write to you this evening,” wrote Cass County GOP chairman David Richey in an email. “Cass County Republicans felt that waiting until the next election cycle to share how upset they were would not accomplish anything and therefore chose to write this letter of Censure to Sen. Young.”