Michigan Republican deletes the entire 'values' section of his website just to 'hide' his anti-choice stance
Sen. Tom Barrett/Facebook

Michigan state Sen. Tom Barrett, a Republican congressional candidate, reportedly removed the "values" section of his campaign website that revealed he opposes abortion rights.

The Detroit News first reported over the weekend that Barrett's campaign had updated his website to remove the "values" portion "that touted his anti-abortion position and history with the pro-life movement."

In a statement to the paper, Barrett insisted that he continues to oppose abortion rights.

"I don't watch my own website every day, so I don't know," Barrett explained. "But I am sure we probably were updating things based upon the issues that were most salient right now, which are inflation, cost of living, crime, border security. Those are really the four pillars that are the leading issues that voters are most concerned with."

According to the report, the section of the website that was removed said that Barrett and his wife "will always work to protect life from conception."

Barrett's Democratic opponent, Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), suggested that the Republican candidate was attempting to hide his anti-abortion position following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to strike down federal abortion rights.

"My guess is he's taken a few polls, he's watched a few news cycles and he and his political consultants are trying to hide his real position when he's been way out there on this (issue) for a long time and talked about being a part of the right to life movement since he was in college," Slotkin told the paper. "You can't have it both ways with that kind of extreme position. You can't try and hide it at the 11th hour."

But Barrett claimed that his policy positions were clear to voters.

"I've been publicly pro-life," he asserted. "People can see my very public remarks on this, and that hasn't changed."