Texas Dem compares flag-wearing 'coward' who fire-bombed party offices to Capitol rioters: 'This is an act of terror'
Suspect caught on video attacking Travis County Democratic Party headquarters. (Screenshot)

A suspect wearing an American flag over his head placed a molotov cocktail and a threatening note that was "political in nature" inside the Travis County Democratic Party headquarters in Austin early Wednesday.

The crude device did not fully detonate but resulted in a small fire, causing minor damage, according to a report from Austin's ABC affiliate.

The suspect, whom one investigator suggested was inexperienced, also left what appeared to be a commercial-grade smoke bomb in the building, and the attack was captured on surveillance video.

No further details were released about the note, but authorities believe the suspect committed another act of vandalism a few hours later at a building near the Texas Capitol.

It marks the second time in a year that vandals have targeted the Travis County Democratic Party headquarters, although the incident marks an escalation from when the building was graffitied in 2020, the Houston Chronicle reports.

"Anyone who wears an American flag as a bandana and then throws a Molotov cocktail with fireworks into a building with a note, a threatening note, is a coward," said Katie Naranjo, chair of the Travis County Democratic Party.

"We will not tolerate that type of behavior," Naranjo added. "We are calling not just Travis County, but across the state, to denounce any acts of violence or aggression when it comes to voting or engaging in our government or engaging in our right to freedom of speech.

"What we've seen on January 6, 2021, to now there's been continued aggression and escalation of violence against Democratic parties as well as institutions of government," she said. "Those people are cowards. They're far-right extremists. This is an act of terror."

Watch the surveillance video and as well as a news conference about the attack below.

Surveillance footage captures attack, fire at Travis County Democratic Party HQ | KVUE www.youtube.com