Trucker protest organizer pledges to 'escalate' convoy around DC

The "organizer" of the disorganized convoy of big rigs, pickup trucks, SUVs and sedans protesting non-existent federal COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates says the group plans to escalate its protest around the Capital Beltway around Washington, D.C. on Monday by taking up two lanes of the 64-mile roadway.

Brian Brase, a 37-year-old trucker from Ohio, said the group again will look to do two laps around the major commuter artery before again returning to its local base at a racetrack parking lot in the D.C. suburb of Hagerstown, Maryland.

He told The Washington Post that the fuel-burning posse plans to stay at the speedway until "at least" Saturday, but added "hopefully this is all over by Wednesday."

On Sunday night Brase told The Post, “I’m hopeful that we have successful dialogue with congressmen and women and senators that help get what we’re looking for pushed through in a timely fashion. If they don’t come to the table to meet with us or they ignore us, then every day it will escalate.”

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Government authorities and traffic reporters are keeping a close eye on the group's movements and advising area drivers to avoid the roadway if at all possible.

The convoy's first foray onto the usually congested roadway didn't go so well as the lineup of vehicles developed large gaps, many got lost at some particularly challenging interchanges with other roadways and some truckers decided to call it quits after making just one lap instead of the planned for two.