Americans are united in belief Trump shouldn't run again — but GOPers want him anyway: report
President Donald Trump. (Official White House photograph)

Donald Trump is putting the GOP in a bind as he continues to explore mounting a political comeback in 2024.

"A Marquette Law School Poll survey of adults nationwide finds a majority of Republicans wanting former President Donald Trump to run for president in 2024, although a majority of all adults in the survey say they do not want him to run. Among all respondents, 28% would like to see Trump make another run for the presidency, while 71% do not want him to run again," the school announced on Thursday.

While Trump remains toxic with voters overall, he still maintains a tight grasp on the Republican Party, with 60% of Republicans wanting to see him run again.

The poll also showed that 68% of Independents have an unfavorable opinion of Trump.

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