'My base is going to be very angry': Trump explains what will happen if he doesn't run in 2024
Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Former President Donald Trump predicted this week that his supporters will become "very angry" if he decides not to run again in 2024.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Trump about his intentions for 2024 during an interview on Wednesday.

"If Donald Trump decides not to run in 2024, who out there will that base flock to?" Hewitt wondered.

"If I do decide that, I think my base is going to be very angry," Trump replied.

"Well, it will, but they’ll still have to find somebody," Hewitt agreed.

"They will be very angry," Trump repeated. "I think we have a couple of people that are, would be very good, but it’s, you know, very early."

He then bragged that his endorsement is a "very important treasure" for Republican candidates.

"But remember this," Trump added. "They cheat like hell in the elections. What happened should never be allowed, what happened, and we’re not forgetting it. And many things are going on right now, but we have to be careful. We have to be careful, because what they do, what they do is a disgrace."

Since losing the 2020 election, Trump has refused to declare his candidacy for 2024, which would prevent him from coordinating with super PACs and require restrictions on fundraising.

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