frowning trump
Donald Trump (Photo via Jim Watson/AFP)

Former President Donald Trump this week teased a major announcement next week that many observers assume will be yet another run for the White House.

But Trump rivals within the Republican Party tell CBS News' Robert Costa that they believe any Trump effort to quickly announce a third presidential bid will not project power as he apparently hopes it will.

"His talk of an early announcement, this far ahead of 2024, some Republicans tell me privately it's not a sign of strength," Costa said on CBS Mornings. "If he really had command of the party, he could take his time and wait. But he knows there are so many ambitious Republicans who are hovering over his own shoulder: Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, all of these names have become a galaxy of rising stars in the GOP."

Costa would subsequently elaborate on this reporting on his Twitter account.

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"Some possible Trump 2024 rivals see his talk of a big announcement next week as a sign of possible political vulnerability, in the sense that he doesn't want to wait and might try to freeze the field," he wrote. "They also wonder if he's concerned about legal challenges."

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