Conservative paints a portrait of doom if the GOP doesn't dump Trump
Donald Trump (Photo by Gage Skidmore for Flickr)

A clearly exasperated former speechwriter for President George W. Bush warned Republicans there appears to be little chance that Donald Trump will be successful in his third bid for the White House due to his overwhelmingly poor numbers with independents and swing voters.

In his column for the Washington Post, conservative Marc Theissen claimed the 2024 presidential election will be a debacle for the GOP if they don't dump Trump and find another candidate — any candidate — to head the ticket.

Citing recent poll numbers that show the former president is almost universally loathed by swing voters, Theissen claimed a weakened President Joe Biden can be beaten, but not by the current Republican leader in the polls.

"So, what happens if voters are forced to choose between two candidates they don’t want?" Thiessen wrote. "A Wall Street Journal poll (conducted by pro-Trump super PAC pollster Tony Fabrizio) suggests the answer: It found that among voters who disapprove of both Trump and Biden, Biden leads Trump by a massive 39 points: 54 percent to 15 percent. Clearly, swing voters who dislike Biden dislike Trump even more."

Writing, "Republicans need the votes of the 54 percent majority who disapprove of his performance in office. And Trump appears to be the one candidate who can’t deliver those votes," the conservative columnist added that he thinks Biden's administration has been disastrous and that should give Republicans hope for 2024 -- as long as Trump is not part of the equation.

"It should not take another election loss for Republicans to understand this. Swing voters have already sent this message to the GOP — twice. In 2020, despite the fact that a record 56 percent of registered voters told Gallup that they were better off under Trump than they had been four years earlier, Trump lost — because he alienated too many people. Voters liked Trump’s policies, but they did not like him," he wrote before lamenting, "So, Trump has already cost the GOP two elections. Will it take a third for some to wake up to the fact that he is political kryptonite?"

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