Trump is 'running out of options' to keep from testifying about his business practices: reporter
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

Speaking to Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" Thursday, New York Times reporter David Fahrenthold said that with the new court ruling that Donald Trump can be ordered to testify in New York's civil case against his family businesses, the former president is finally coming to the end of the line in his quest to block investigators.

"I think he's tried to avoid this and delay this and will try some more, but I think he is running out of the time and the tricks that he'd used in the past and tried suing [NY Attorney General Letitia] James to get her off the case and challenging and enough time passed that he's running out of options."

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"The clash between the way Trump has talked about the business, which is nobody knows the whole business except me, the only person who sees and understands it all is me, and then separately the legal argument is I'm separate from the valuations and things that the attorney general is interested in," said Fahrenthold. "You saw that this week with saying I know all about it and will tell you why you're wrong. They'll say how can we finish the investigation if you have everything? That puts him in a place where he is uncomfortable, the deposition chair."

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David Fahrenthold says Trump is "running out of options" to dodge investigators