Trump administration to allow restaurants to redistribute waitstaffs' tips: report
Donald Trump appears at Operation Warp Speed vaccine event (Fox News/screen grab)

On Tuesday, Business Insider reported that one of the final acts of outgoing President Donald Trump's administration will be to make it easier for restaurant managers to take and redistribute tips from servers.

The new rule was published this week by the Department of Labor.

"A new regulation rolled out in the final days of the Trump administration will allow restaurants to pull tips from their waitstaff to pay cooks in the back, putting more cash in the pockets of ownership while forcing front-of-the-house staff to do more work for less money," Business Insider reported.

Conservatives for years have sought this change, arguing that current law creates a pay disparity between different types of restaurant workers; however, labor advocates have pointed out that such a change would shift even more of the responsibility of paying wages off of managers.

Already the tipped minimum wage is just $2.13 an hour, putting huge pressure on front-of-house staff to make up the difference in gratuities.