Legal expert: Trump just admitted his guilt in Stormy Daniels hush money case
Donald Trump / Gage Skidmore.

Former President Donald Trump could soon be facing a criminal indictment over hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump insisted this week that the ordeal was an "extortion plot" and nothing more than "sick, fake news."

The claim that he was being extorted by Daniels is an admission of guilt, said former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann on Twitter on Tuesday.

After his tweet, Weissmann spoke to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, making the same case but also recalling that Trump bragged he could commit murder and sexual assault and still get away with it.

"Let's just remember, for Donald Trump, there haven't been consequences," said Weissmann. "There have been civil lawsuits and so far no criminal consequences. So, for somebody who is at that age, who realized that he can say whatever he wants and there are no consequences. I think that's what we get. We get these things that, obviously, from a prosecutor's perspective, are potentially very incriminating. I totally agree with the take on his statements that they can be used against him, in the same way he is now embracing the idea that he was an extortion victim and thinks that's going to be a defense in a Manhattan criminal case when it's actually an admission."

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He went on to say that "the real goal, it seems to me, is you have a complete authoritarian who has learned that he can say anything and everything and can blame Mike Pence for following the law and saying because you followed the law, you caused me to have to break the law, and so it's your fault because if you had only violated the law, I won't have been forced to engage in an insurrection."

It's akin to a bully claiming "you're making me hit you."

Weissmann closed by saying that it isn't what America stands for.

It's the second time this week that Trump has been accused of confessing to crimes. Speaking to MSNBC, the Lincoln Project's Tara Setmayer said that in his attack on Vice President Mike Pence, Trump claimed that if his VP only broke the law, the attack on the Capitol wouldn't have happened.

"So Trump is basically saying, yeah, that mob was there to kill you if he didn't give me the election, and the proof is they came to get you. And if I'm a Department of Justice lawyer, I'm writing that down," she explained.

See the exchange below or at the link here.

Donald Trump just admitted his guilt again: legal expert