Trump rallygoer was looking forward to him claiming he 'never left' and is still the '19th president of the Republic'

In a video posted to Twitter, a rallygoer waiting in line to see Donald Trump in Cullman, Alabama last night, said she was looking forward to him declaring to the world that he is still president.

Asked by a reporter for Right Side Broadcasting what she was hoping to hear from the former president who lost to now-President Joe Biden, the unidentified woman immediately blurted, "He's already here. He never left. He's the 19th president of the Republic,"

"I want him to address when he's gonna come forth and say: 'I am,' so that everybody will wake up and we can get this country back. The constitutional republic of 1776," she continued. "And it will happen soon because God is in this and God wins,"

During his 90-minute speech, Trump never declared he was still the president -- but did question the election results.

Watch below: