Former Arizona GOP AG accuses Trump's vote auditors of succeeding at doing what the Russians failed to do
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Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, former Republican Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods trashed the just-completed "audit" of 2020 presidential ballots in Maricopa County, saying everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves for looking for fraud where none exists -- before adding that the pro-Donald Trump auditors are helping America's enemies.

Speaking with host Ali Velshi -- with the MSNBC host calling the shenanigans in Arizona a "fraudit" -- Woods called the Cyber Ninja organization a bunch of "grifters" before suggesting those who are trying to overturn the election of doing what the Russian's couldn't do in 2020.

Speaking of the GOP legislature, Woods bluntly stated, "They brought in the clown show, and even the clowns couldn't rig it so that the numbers were changed. They could just come up with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to continue to cast doubt on our elections and our processes. There's a group of people, these Cyber Ninjas and their ilk -- they're grifters and they find a home in Trump world because there are a lot of grifters there and then you have the dummies out there who were willing to be susceptible."

Continuing in that vein he added, "And the biggest picture, part of the irony here from these so-called true blue, red, white and blue Americans is that this has always been the goal of Russia and of our enemies abroad who couldn't defeat us in any other way. They wanted us to try to fall from within when we as a people no longer had confidence in our democratic institutions. So through all of this nonsense, through trying to support autocrats, trying to stay in power no matter what, god forbid you'd have to go to that private sector they're so fond of."

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