'Sad old man' Trump mocked after his three-word statement ignites confusion: It's just a 'random collage of words'

On Wednesday morning, former President Donald Trump released a three-word statement, with no context or explanation behind it: "BULLIES NEVER FIGHT!"

Trump's comment, promoted by spokesperson Liz Harrington on Twitter, triggered instant and widespread confusion across social media.

Many people said they were confused about what Trump even meant. Others simply mocked the former president for his incoherence, with one writer suggesting we need to create a "sad, old man shaking a fist at the sky" translator to understand his rants.

Still others mocked Trump over being reduced to communicating through this medium, now that he has been banished from nearly all major forms of social media.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman speculated that Trump's statement was a reference to Andrew Cuomo, who is resigning as governor of New York after being accused in a report by the state attorney general of sexually harassing 11 women.

See more confused reactions below: