Trump is about to enter the worst days of his business career: report
Photo: Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock

Stories of President Donald Trump's final days before his casino filed for bankruptcy include an image of him agonizing over fabric swatches while he was hemorrhaging money. It's remarkably similar to the final days of his presidency.

While his White House begs everyone they know to come to Trump's send-off at dawn Wednesday morning, the outgoing president faces a slew of lawsuits and stacks of bills coming due for his debt.

Vanity Fair reporter Gabe Sherman's final piece of Trump's presidency addresses the tattered brand that Trump leaves the White House with.

"Trump is reportedly the target of multiple state-level civil and criminal investigations that could subject him to heavy financial penalties or even jail," wrote Sherman. "And when he's not meeting with lawyers or sitting in a courtroom, Trump faces this grim reality: his brand is in tatters."

He noted that there is a list of companies and organizations that want nothing to do with him. After the insurrection at the Capitol that list grew. At the same time, Trump is quickly losing his access to free promotion on social media. He's been suspended on Twitter and it's unclear if Facebook and YouTube will allow him back.

"Financial institutions (Deutsche Bank, Signature Bank), and e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Stripe) have cut ties with him," Sherman noted. He cited the recent decision by the PGA to pull out of hosting its 2022 championship at the Bedminster golf course. While Trump is suing the PGA, there's likely a provision in the contract that protects them.

"In Trump's native New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared the city would cancel municipal contracts with Trump to operate two ice rinks, Central Park Carousel, and a public golf course in the Bronx," said Sherman.

He might have a powerful cult of followers, but it's unclear how much they'll be willing to give him to help sustain his businesses. It's unknown if they can be the ones to save him.

This is just a short list of the problems that the outgoing president is facing. But in his final day in office, Trump is trying to get people to his pity-party at Joint Base Andrews.

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