Trump calls into pro-January 6 rally at DC jail — and gets interrupted by heckler
Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP

January 6 attackers and militia members are being treated as martyrs by supporters of Donald Trump as well as the former president himself, The Washingtonian reported.

A rally at the jail for those awaiting trial for sedition and the violent beatings of police officers drew small crowds on Tuesday evening. The group appeared to be around six people contained in barricades.

The mother of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot after breaking through the doors into the Speaker's chambers, was on hand to take the call from the ex-president. He was able to interrupt speaker "John aka DJ Jerome, the MAGA muscleman" who was making jokes about Prince Andrew adopting the dogs he'd given to Queen Elizabeth before her death.

Babbitt's mother held a microphone to the speaker of her cell phone as the group listened to Trump talk about the Jan. 6 suspect being "a terrible thing that has happened to a lot of people that are being treated very, very unfairly” and attacked the fact that video of U.S. Capitol Police officer who shot Babbitt as she climbed through the barricaded door after breaking the window appeared on television. He called the television video "disgraceful," but did not appear to be referencing the actual death.

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“We’re with you," Trump promised conspiracy theorists who still believe he's the rightful president. "We’re working with a lot of different people on this and we can’t let this happen, this has never happened before." The remark appeared to be a reference to the Jan. 6 prisoners and not that political violence garners prison time. “It’s a disgrace to our country and it just cannot be allowed to happen.”

A heckler then interrupted the call and they quickly ended it.

Watch video below or at this link.

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