Trump campaign files second claim to Supreme Court citing fake news report on 'alternative electors'
Photo: Screen capture

President Donald Trump's campaign has filed a second suit to the U.S. Supreme Court using a false report from pro-Trump conspiracy theory website The Epoch Times.

According to the lawsuit, there were alternative slates of electors chosen in swing states. While there were certainly alternative electors chosen, they weren't chosen by anyone official. They were chosen by Trump's allies.

"While Republicans in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Michigan followed the White House's lead, making or discussing moves to form their own competing slates of pro-Trump electors, it was a theatrical effort with no legal pathway. Electoral College slates are tied to the winner of the popular vote in each state, and all five of those states have certified their results in favor of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr." the report explained.

You can see Trump's lawsuit here.