'All part of the scam': CNN's Gloria Borger levels brutal indictment of Trump campaign amid leaked memo
CNN's Gloria Borger (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Tuesday, Gloria Borger tore into the people around former President Donald Trump who did nothing as he and his close allies promulgated voter fraud conspiracy theories in the runup to the January 6 Capitol insurrection — even though the former president's campaign had an internal memo debunking all the lies.

"I want to start with this news in The New York Times," said anchor John Berman. "What does it say that according to this reporting, Trump campaign officials knew and they knew early on that these claims that were being made were baseless? Yet, they sat silent as these lawyers were going out and spouting them in public."

"Well, they were all part of the scam," said Borger. "That's what it says. They didn't want to take that up to the boss probably. We don't know whether Trump knew or didn't know about this. But — but they knew what he wanted. He wanted to get re-elected, whether he had to steal the election or not. And so, you had Rudy Giuliani out there at Four Seasons Landscaping and everything else. And they sat there."

Borger went on to argue that someone in the campaign needed to be responsible for communicating something close to reality to both Trump and his advisers.

"There was somebody in the communications department who said, you need to tell me, guys, is this true? Or is this not true?" said Borger. "And then a memo came back saying, no, this stuff is a load of garbage. And instead of saying, you know, we got to temper this, or you can't say that, or you can't let Giuliani out there saying this, it didn't matter. The president believed it. He wanted to believe it. He believed he didn't — you know, he didn't lose if that's what he is telling the American public. And their silence was — you know, was a part of the scam. And that's what we saw."

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