Trump can’t trust what ‘pathological liar’ Kash Patel is saying he told the grand jury: analysis
Composite image of Donald Trump and Kash Patel / Department of Defense photos

Donald Trump will be unable to trust what his advisor Kash Patel tells him about his testimony before a Washington, D.C. grand jury investigating the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI, according to an analysis aired on MSNBC on Thursday evening.

"The Last Word" anchor Lawrence O'Donnell offered his analysis after CNN reported Patel had been in with the grand jury for hours.

"Procedurally, Donald Trump and his lawyers know that the special master process, while it might create some delay, it's not going to stop the Justice Department's criminal investigation, which now appears to include the under-oath testimony to a grand jury in Washington by the trump staffer Kash Patel, who was chosen by Donald Trump to replace former White House counsel Pat Cipollone as Donald Trump's official intermediary with the National Archives about the documents Donald Trump was keeping in Florida," O'Donnell said.

"Kash Patel was quoted in the FBI affidavit which was used to obtain the search warrant of Trump's residence, saying in May that Donald Trump had declassified documents that he kept at his residence in Florida," O'Donnell noted. "What did he say about that when he was asked about it in the grand jury in Washington last week? Kash Patel might have taken the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer any questions under oath to that grand jury or Kash Patel may have decided it was time to save himself and stop lying for Donald Trump."

"Donald Trump and his lawyers have no idea what Kash Patel told that grand jury," he explained. "Nothing prevents Kash Patel from telling them what he told the grand jury, but Donald Trump's problem is he is a pathological liar who has attracted into his employ other pathetic, pathological liars, like Kash Patel. So, when one of his pathological liars is now telling him what he said to a grand jury, how can Donald Trump believe that? How can Donald Trump's lawyers rely on that?"

'Such as the agonizing legal pressure that is building on Donald Trump every day with every new revelation about a new Trump player testifying to a grand jury," O'Donnell said.


Lawrence O'Donnell