In a conversation with CNN and former impeachment lawyer Norm Eisen, Donald Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio said that he doesn't think the former president will be able to "wriggle" out of the fraud accusations this time around.

D'Antonio explained that in the past, the Trump Organization has managed to get away with a lot more. However, there were additional regulations and laws passed that protect against corruption.

"The key example of this, historically, was the Trump SoHo case, where early in the sales, Ivanka Trump went out and said that 60 percent of the units were already committed to buyers," he recalled. "In fact, it was only 15 percent to 20 percent. She knew she was lying, she had to know she was lying. There was an investigation then, and the rules were different in terms of the informal rules of operation in New York at the time, and Trump wriggled out of that case. I don't think he can wriggle out of this one."

Ivanka Trump also faces questions about misleading financial statements to be sent to Deutsche Bank, said court documents filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

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At issue is hundreds of millions of dollars of discrepancies, explained Eisen. He thinks that charges are forthcoming.

"I think there is no chance that Donald Trump didn't know absolutely everything that was going on," said D'Antonio. "Norm is right, if you add up what these discrepancies reach as a total, it's half a billion dollars or more, and that's just in the examples that the attorney general noted. He also said, and I think this is worth noting, he's responsible for training his children to play the same games, so if he didn't know precisely what they were doing, he knew how they were operating."

He went on to predict that Trump will muddle the allegations and will claim his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. It was a right that his son, Eric Trump, used over 500 times in the course of six hours of questions from prosecutors.

"This is a person who did it 97 times during his first divorce," D'Antonio recalled. "So, he's familiar with the Fifth Amendment even though he denigrates others who use it. So, I would expect it to be a kind of Alice in Wonderland experience for the people taking the deposition, and he'll give very little ground."

The Trump biographer was referring to a Sept. 2016 campaign stop in Iowa in which Trump attacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"You see the mob takes the Fifth," Trump told supporters. "If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?"

In fact, there were five times that month that Trump mocked people for declaring the Fifth Amendment rights.

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Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio explains why he doesn't think the Trumps 'can wriggle out this ti