Trump's delay game to stall the House riot committee slapped aside by former prosecutor as 'ridiculous'
Donald Trump during an interview with Axios. (YouTube/Screenshot)

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon with host Alex Witt, former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance dismissed Donald Trump's legal maneuvering to keep close aides from appearing House investigators looking into the Jan 6th Capitol insurrection.

Discussing members of Trump's inner circle ignoring subpoenas from the House select committee on the riot, Vance said the former president was being "ridiculous" and would lose in court eventually.

"As you look at the Capitol riot, Donald Trump wanted to assert executive privilege by the House committee and was blocked doing so by the Biden administration," Witt began. "What do you make of his request? Did it hold any water at all? Does he have grounds to try again to keep these documents from being released?"

"It's unsurprising that he would make the request," Vance replied. "Trump is no stranger to specious legal arguments, but he's no longer the president of the United States and it's up to the current president to decide whether or not there's executive privilege and Joe Biden has already said no, there's not."

"For purposes of January 6th investigations, the subject is of such tremendous importance that he will not exert executive privilege," she continued. "Trump can go to court and claim he still has some rights but you can understand how ridiculous that is, even if, for instance, people like Steve Bannon who wasn't working in the White House could be covered by executive privilege, which Bannon can't be, the notion that every former living president could exert privilege is unworkable."

"Biden holds the privilege and says materials can be turned over and a court will order that," she asserted. "The question is how successful Trump will be at playing the delay game he plays with the courts."

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