Three more cops sue Trump for inciting MAGA riots that left them with 'physical and emotional injuries'
Brad Reed

Three more police officers are suing former President Donald Trump for the "physical and emotional injuries" they suffered as a result of the riots he incited at the United States Capitol building last year.

Politico reports that Capitol Officer Marcus Moore, who has spent the last decade on the force, filed a lawsuit in which he described "the intense terror of the day as he moved from his post at the Madison Building to the East Side of the Capitol and eventually into the House chamber, helping evacuate lawmakers to safety."

Moore is seeking damages against Trump, whom he says incited a riot that left him suffering from tinnitus, a condition that produces frequent ringing in a person's ear.

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In a separate lawsuit filed against Trump, D.C. Metropolitan Police Officers Bobby Tabron and Dedevine Carter described "suffering physical assaults with poles, pepper spray and other projectiles, in addition to hand-to-hand violence," while also "seeking compensatory damages for their injuries," writes Politico.

Trump has sought to downplay the violence that his supporters inflicted upon police at the Capitol, and even falsely claimed that the MAGA rioters were "hugging and kissing" police who were guarding the building, when in reality they were beating them with blunt objects and attacking them with bear spray.