Judge rips a major hole in Trump's claim that he didn't support Capitol riot violence
Brad Reed

District Judge Amit P. Mehta on Monday ripped a major hole in former President Donald Trump's claim that he never intended to incite violence at the United States Capitol building.

During a hearing dealing with multiple civil lawsuits filed against Trump and his allies for their roles in inciting the riots, Mehta questioned lawyer Joseph Sibley, who is representing defendant Rudy Giuliani, about why Trump didn't act sooner to call off the rioters if he didn't approve of their actions.

In particular, he questioned Sibley's argument that because Trump didn't specifically call on his followers to commit acts of violence at the Capitol, that means he bears no responsibility for their actions, even though he waited more than three hours to tell them to go home.

"If my words were misconstrued and they led to violence, wouldn’t somebody, a reasonable person whose words are being misconstrued say, ‘Wait a minute, stop!'” Mehta said, according to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Tal Kopan.

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Sibley tried to argue that Trump had asked his supporters to act "peacefully" when they marched to the Capitol.

Mehta, however, was not buying it.

"That is outweighed by... the number of references to fighting, to showing strength, to not letting the country be taken away, and then having and then calling on folks to come go down to the Capitol building," he said.

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