Trump attempting to keep Jan 6 committee from seeing outtakes of his address to MAGA rioters: report
CNN video, AFP

Appearing on CNN on Tuesday night, January 6 committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) revealed that, among the files and documents his committee is seeking are "outtakes" from the address that former president Donald Trump eventually gave imploring the Capitol insurrectionists to "go home."

On Tuesday night, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan issued a 39-page ruling clearing the way for the House Jan 6th committee to receive a trove of documents from the National Archives related to the Capitol insurrection despite Trump's objections.

According to Newsweek, Thompson made an appearance on CNN where he told Trump it was time to "man up" and allow the information to be reviewed.

He then mentioned the videos, the report states.

"The Mississippi Democratic congressman said that video of what Trump said on the day of the insurrection was essential for his committee to come to a conclusion about what happened," Newsweek reports before adding that Thompson told CNN Chris Cuomo, "The president, it took him six times for the video to say to the people to go home," before adding, "If in the midst of an insurrection, it takes you six times to...ask the people to go home, something is wrong with that. I want to see what the other five videos said."

"We want to see what he said, " Thompson elaborated. "His own people said to him, 'this is not good enough. You are not telling these people to go home.'"

You can see the video Trump released below, where he began by telling the rioters, " I know your pain, I know you're hurt."

You can see the Thompson interview below: