Trump gets called out by New York's AG for his contradictory claims about his financial assets

In a court filing this Monday, former President Donald Trump declared that he "denies knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth" about his company's finances.

But the next day, responding to news that his company's longtime accounting firm would be dropping him as a client and could no longer vouch for his financial statements, Trump boasted about his company's "fantastic assets" and said prosecutors should instead focus on Hillary Clinton, Insider reported.

"My company has among the best real estate and other assets anywhere in the world, has significant amounts of cash, and has relatively very little debt, which is totally current," Trump said in a statement.

A Wednesday court filing from New York Attorney General Letitia James pointed to the contradiction, saying in a statement that it's "not unusual for parties to a legal proceeding to disagree about the facts. But it is truly rare for a party to publicly disagree with statements submitted by his own attorneys in a signed pleading — let alone one day after the pleading was filed. That is what Mr. Trump has done here."

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As Insider points out, James has been investigating the Trump Organization since 2019. That investigation "has been running parallel to a criminal investigation, which James is running in tandem with the Manhattan District Attorney's office." Her office will ask a judge this Thursday to enforce a subpoena that would force him to sit for a deposition.

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