White House officials are desperate to 'calm' Trump amid his 'increasing embrace' of conspiracy nuts: report

President Donald Trump's staff is growing more alarmed by his continuing meltdown over losing the 2020 presidential election, and a new report suggests that they're taking preventative measures to keep him "calm" and prevent him from going further off the rails.

One White House official tells the Washington Post that they arranged a meeting this week between Trump and several of his top allies in Congress "in part, to calm him down" and to keep him away from attorney Sidney Powell, who has been lobbying to be made "special counsel" for investigating voter fraud despite the fact that all of her election-related lawsuits have been tossed out by courts.

"People around Trump are continuing to fight over whether to grant a security clearance to Sidney Powell," the paper reports. "His former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is telling Trump that Powell is to be trusted, while Cipollone is furiously pushing back and even conservative cable TV host Lou Dobbs has raised questions about Powell's claims to others."

Two aides also tell the Post that "they are struggling to get Trump to focus on anything other than the election — even perfunctory executive orders or mundane tasks," which explains why he has been completely absent from negotiations over Congress's pandemic relief package.