Trump actually did run the country like his business — into the ground: MSNBC legal analyst
Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump in Las Vegas (Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock)

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal noted that one of the things he learned about former President Donald Trump over the past several years of investigations is that the scams he ran for his businesses were similar to those he ran while leading the United States.

Dr. Jason Johnson on MSNBC explained that a recent report revealed additional evidence against the Trump Organization was discovered in a "co-conspirator's basement" recently. It only adds to the mountains of documents and information recovered about the president's former business.

"Today [CFO Allen] Weisselberg's lawyer said there would be further indictments, plural," said Katyal. "That's what he expects. There's a lot we don't know about that."

It also means that Weisselberg is also still talking to prosecutors if they know about these indictments.

"For example, Weisselberg was Trump's right-hand guy has been indicted for tax fraud, and that he's been indicted for fringe benefits," explained Katyal. "We know his defenses: 'Well, lots of people do it.' As any teenager can tell you, a lot of people doing it is no defense, certainly not a successful one. We also know the New York attorney general is working with the Manhattan D.A.'s office hand in glove to try to do this investigation together. We also know that the Trump Organization has been run less like an ordinary business, and much more like a criminal enterprise. That leaves you with some knowledge, but also some known unknowns."

He explained that finding evidence in a basement might sound "quaint" but that it underscores they have found a lot of information and they're still not finished. He also cited the case of Enron in which many people were ultimately indicted because other people handed over information in a deal with prosecutors.

While running for office in 2016, Trump told Americans that he owned a "very successful" business and he would run the country like he did his businesses. Katyal agreed that Trump has done exactly that, though not the way he promised.

"I think one important point here is that the allegations against him about the tax fraud, inflating assets, claiming charitable deductions that he never paid, and so on, that's not that different from the way the guy ran the country, inflating the valuable, trying to avoid paying taxes, overpaying his children to help him do it?" Katyal closed. "Say what you will, we kind of ran the country the way he ran his business."

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Trump did run the country like his company -- into the ground