Latest revelations about Trump's coup attempt 'push the bounds of believability': former FBI official
Donald Trump _Fox News screenshot

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Thursday found himself astonished at new revelations of former President Donald Trump's attempts to stay in power despite losing to President Joe Biden in 2020.

While appearing on CNN, McCabe was asked by host Wolf Blitzer about a reported plot by Trump advisers to seize data from the National Security Agency in their attempt to overturn the election.

"I tell you, Wolf, I can't keep track of the disturbing memos," he said. "There's been so many of them over the course of the story. This one pushes the bounds of believability."

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McCabe then explained why this particular gambit to keep Trump in power was so shocking.

"Searching NSA data, top-secret NSA data, is one of the most tightly scrutinized things our government does, it's done only under very limited circumstances -- this is certainly not one of them. So, what they're proposing in this memo, and I have it here, is just absolutely far beyond the bounds of how this sort of data is reviewed and applied."

Watch the video below.

Latest revelations about Trump's coup attempt 'push the bounds of believability'