Golden Trump statue at CPAC was made in Mexico -- and is for sale: report

According to Tara Palmeri at Politico, the much-derided golden statue of Donald Trump currently on display at CPAC was made in Mexico and transported to the U.S. for finishing touches.

As the report notes, artist Tommy Zegan is an American expat who lives in Rosarita Beach -- just south of San Diego -- on a permanent resident visa.

Zegan spoke with Politico and admitted up-front that "It was made in Mexico," before describing how it eventually got to Florida and CPAC.

"Zegan spent over six months crafting the 200-pound fiberglass statue with the help of three men in Rosarito. He transported it to Tampa, Fla., where it was painted in chrome, then hauled it from there to CPAC in a U-Haul, where he managed to cart it through the conference in just a black-and-white Hawaiian shirt and no CPAC credential," Politico is reporting before adding, "Zegan crafted an even higher-end, stainless steel version that cost his 'life savings,' or $50,000. He said he's aiming to sell that one for over $1 million. But if not, he hopes to see it in a future Trump Presidential Library."

If that version sounds a little pricey, Zegan stated the lower-end CPAC model is available for $100,000.

As for his feelings about Trump, he told Politico, "I was not a big Trump supporter when he ran.I mean I voted for him because I wasn't going to vote for Hillary. So I voted for him, but I didn't really care for him. I used to watch 'The Apprentice' but I would turn it off halfway. I thought, 'This is stupid.'"

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