Lawyers think they found a way to prosecute Trump for crimes against humanity: Keith Olbermann
Photo: Screen capture

Progressive commentator Keith Olbermann said that there may be a way to prosecute President Donald Trump for crimes against humanity.

In a series of videos he posted to Twitter on Tuesday, the former MSNBC host said that just in case Trump wasn't able to kill enough people by ignoring the virus, now he's not ordering enough vaccinations for all 330-plus million Americans. Pfizer offered Trump a deal for another 100 million vaccines, but he refused them. After bad press on the topic, Moderna similarly offered a deal that would offer additional vaccinations for the U.S. government but that was ultimately accepted.

But Trump could be prosecuted using the Department of Justice's unit called the Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section, "which, as its own guide states, 'investigates and prosecutes human rights violators and international criminals who have violated U.S. criminal law."

He explained that it rarely prosecutes American citizens in the U.S. but the guidelines say that it could prosecute someone "whose acts are so broad and so egregious as to be considered crimes against humanity."

See Olbermann's videos below: