'Incoherent' Trump leveled for 'delusional' Arizona rally rant on election fraud
YouTube screenshot

In a no-holds-barred analysis of Donald Trump's 100-minute speech on Saturday before adoring supporters in Arizona, CNN's Stephen Collinson leveled the ex-president for his "incoherent" ranting about unproven election fraud.

Getting right to the point, the CNN analyst called out the former president as a "sore loser" before summing up what Americans who watched Trump on-line saw from the man who used to occupy the Oval Office before being forced out after one term.

"On a late afternoon of delusion and incitement, Trump offered a preview of how he could exploit grievances of millions of supporters who buy his lies about voter fraud to power a possible new presidential run in the future," Collinson wrote before adding, "The one-term, twice-impeached ex-commander-in-chief related prolonged and false stories of election fraud across the country...Trump's appearance was full of the usual bluster, boasting, self-pity and too many falsehoods to count, and was in many ways a sideshow compared to the critical current challenges — including a pandemic that is quickly worsening again because millions of Republican voters will not get vaccinated."

According to the analyst, Trump harping on what is called "The Big Lie" may be putting Republicans in a bind as they look over the horizon at the 2022 midterms.

"Among unanswered questions is whether Trump's campaign of falsehoods and refusal to accept the result in 2020 — which is rife among his base voters — will further alienate the suburban and more moderate voters who were crucial in his defeat last November," he wrote. "The coming months and years will also show whether Republican voters — especially when the next presidential primary race heats up — want to spend the entire campaign going over lies about the last election or will seek new candidates who might share Trump's populist extremism but offer a path to the future."

Collinson went on to state that the Republican leadership is enabling Trump's "grand illusion" by not calling out the ex-president and by attempting to help him whitewash the Jan 6th insurrection that had its genesis in his bogus claims of election fraud.

"Trump's perpetuation of his own election fraud is taking place alongside a broader Republican effort to not just whitewash the behavior of the ex-President and his supporters during the Capitol insurrection on January 6 but to write an alternative history of events to cover up the truth. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who has anchored the GOP's bid to win back the House next year on Trump, and Republicans are arguing that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was to blame for what happened, apparently because she did not beef up security at the Capitol (even though the speaker is not in charge of security)" he wrote before warning, "These claims are coinciding with regular releases of footage from the Justice Department and elsewhere of Trump supporters beating up police officers as they forced their way into the citadel of American democracy. But there is no place for evidence inside Trump's parallel reality bubble."

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