Trump faces high-stakes testimony in lawsuit — and 'even a single misstep could be costly': NYT
Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with technology executives at Trump Tower in New York City (AFP Photo/Drew Angerer)

The New York Times has written a lengthy preview of former President Donald Trump's upcoming testimony as part of an investigation by the New York Attorney General's Office into his business practices.

The Times notes that Trump's history of depositions shows him to be combative and aggressive, despite the fact that "even a single misstep could be costly" to him financially.

Jason A. Forge, an attorney who sued Trump on behalf of people who were allegedly defrauded by his Trump University real estate school, tells the Times that Trump simply cannot restrain himself under questioning, which he said makes him a "dream deponent" for opposing counsel.

"He’s completely fearless in a deposition,” Forge explained. “He’s way more engaged than a normal witness, and you can tell he enjoys the challenge and revels in the verbal sparring."

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The Times report notes that Trump's inability to keep his mouth shut hurt him in a defamation lawsuit that he filed against journalist Timothy O'Brien, who enraged Trump by reporting that his net worth was likely far less than what he claimed publicly.

At the time, one of O'Brien's lawyers directly asked Trump, "Have you ever exaggerated in statements about your properties?" only to have Trump reply, "I think everyone does."

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