Trump is leaving Republicans with a 'gutted' political party: report
Common Dreams

Donald Trump's presidency will end in five days, but he's going to leave behind a trail of destruction that will included what Axios reporter Jim VandeHei describes as a "gutted" Republican Party.

In a Friday morning dispatch, VandeHei runs down all the ways that the GOP has been severely diminished with Trump as its leader, especially in the wake of last week's deadly Trump-incited riots at the United States Capitol building.

Surveying the wreckage, VandeHei notes that the GOP has not only lost its power in government, but also its financial edge via big business donations.

"The corporate bans on giving to the 147 House and Senate Republicans who voted against election certification are growing and virtually certain to hold," he writes. "Democrats crushed them in fundraising when they were out of power. Imagine their edge with it."

Other past sources of GOP funding, such as the National Rifle Association and the Chamber of Commerce, have also seen their clout diminished, whether due to leadership scandals in the case of the NRA or an effort to become more bipartisan in the case of the Chamber of Commerce.

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