Outrage as Nevada county votes to rename street in front of high school 'Pres. Trump Way'
Lyon County, Nevada on Facebook.

The Lyon County Board of County Commissioners in Nevada recently voted to begin changing the name of "Old Dayton Valley Road" to "Pres. Trump Way."

"Buildings on Old Dayton Valley Road include the high school, Bureau of Land Management offices, and other county buildings, according to commissioners. A staff member pointed out that there could be a significant financial impact to the high school by switching the name," Carson Now reports.

"Most of the public comment on the agenda item voiced opposition to the proposal, citing issues such as Trumps' polarization, not involving the public in choosing a name, and the fact that the name change would affect a public school," the publication noted.

"One citizen stated they believed there was 'a better use of county funds than renaming a street for someone so polarizing and divisive,' and suggested renaming the street for someone everyone in the county agreed upon," Carson Today reported. "A resident identified by their first name, Lainey, stated the vote should be postponed until it's been finalized that Mr. Trump doesn't face criminal charges."

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