Trump's 'Mar-a-Lago offensive backfires' as new disclosures point to 'serious breach': National Review writer
President Donald Trump (image via Nicholas Kamm/AFP).

National Review writer Andrew McCarthy has been skeptical of the FBI's search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, but new disclosures made this week by pro-Trump writer John Solomon have left him far less doubtful about the merits of the search than before.

In a new analysis published by National Review titled "Trump World's Mar-a-Lago Search Offense Backfires," McCarthy argues that Trump has done himself no favors by trying to depict the search of his home as a politically driven raid by an out-of-control gestapo aimed at bringing him down at any cost.

This has been compounded, McCarthy believes, by Solomon's release of a letter from acting archivist Debra Steidel Wall to Trump's lawyers that outlined how he had not complied with the National Archives' repeated requests to return documents.

"Clearly, the purport of Solomon’s news report was to bolster the Trump narrative that Biden is using the Justice Department as a political weapon in hopes of eliminating Trump as his potential 2024 opponent," writes McCarthy. "Okay . . . but the problem is that Archivist Wall’s letter shreds Trump’s claim — most recently proclaimed in a lawsuit filed with great fanfare on Monday morning — that he has been completely cooperative and transparent in dealing with the FBI and the Justice Department, and therefore that the forcible search of his Florida estate was an unnecessary, inexplicable abuse of power."

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And if it's true that Trump kept documents marked "top secret" that related to special access programs, McCarthy charges, then it would mark "an extraordinarily serious breach" in national security protocols.

He closes his analysis by warning Trump that he could really face criminal charges if he keeps going down his current path.

"If you are trying not to get indicted, the best defense is usually not a good offense," he concludes. "And it is never an offense that backfires."

Read the full analysis here.

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