Trump doesn't pay his own legal fees why would he pay Rudy Giuliani's?: former federal prosecutor
Photo via Don Emmert/AFP

On his politics and law podcast Tuesday, former federal New York Prosecutor Preet Bharara questioned why Rudy Giuliani and his allies are begging for financial help as legal problems stack up. Giuliani's son Andrew Giuliani worked for former President Donald Trump as a special assistant, but that doesn't mean the family is close enough to score cash for their legal troubles.

In a discussion with former federal prosecutor Joyce White Vance, Bharara explained that in the entirety of his life, Trump has never been known to pay for anyone else, much less himself.

"I don't know why all of the sudden, out of the blue, in his mid to late 70s, Donald Trump will start to be gracious and generous by paying people's fees. He doesn't pay his own lawyers' fees, as we have heard reported time and again," said Bharara.

Author and lawyer James Zirin penned the book Plaintiff in Chief: A Portrait of Donald Trump in 3,500 Lawsuits in which he explained that Trump doesn't pay his bills.

"People often ask me: 'how can he bring 3,500 lawsuits or be involved in 3,500 lawsuits?'" the author told CNN in 2019. "The answer is he didn't pay most of his lawyers ... He doesn't pay his lawyers. He doesn't pay his architects, doesn't pay his creditors, goes into bankruptcy."

That became a problem after the 2020 election when Trump wanted lawsuits in several states, but struggled to find lawyers who would work with him.

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