'They're not making this up!' CNN host corners former Bush AG for questioning reports of Trump DOJ spying

CNN's Jim Sciutto on Monday put former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in the hot seat after he seemed to cast doubt on reports that the Trump Department of Justice aggressively subpoenaed records from both politicians and journalists.

While Gonzales acknowledged it would be "really troubling" if the allegations of spying on political rivals were true, he cautioned that a fuller investigation is needed before making conclusions based on current reporting.

"Some of the facts here, again, are bizarre, amazing," he said. "I don't know whether or not the reporting is completely accurate because of that reason. Frankly, I am hoping the reporting is inaccurate."

Sciutto, however, noted that there is very little in the reporting that can be disputed.

"With respect, we know many of the facts here," he replied. "CNN's reporter has gone public with being notified, as have other targets of these investigations as they have been notified by Apple, so they're not making this up."

Gonzales said, however, that there is a lot still to be learned about the scope of the DOJ probe and the nature of the information being sought.

Gonzales did acknowledge, however, that there would have to be a "very high bar" of conditions that would have to be met for the DOJ to legitimately pursue such subpoenas.

Watch the video below.

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